Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Unemployed in Dublin

Unemployed and resorting to cheap wine to keep me warm. Ok, so maybe its not so bad, but I do love this photo.

Its raining and I'm still jobless, but I'm beginning to like Dublin more by the day. The weather is terrible, its not exotic or particularly beautiful and there is an extreme lack of street benches! But it does have some sort of Irish charm that cant quite be put into words.

I like how easy it is to hop on a train and end up on the coast 20 minutes later, to rolling hills overlooking the ocean and small villages dotted around. My picnic was great- I went with an English friend who I met in Guadalajara who lives in Dublin. Today I ended up North of the city in a coastal village called Malahide at a meeting with a recruitment agency. It was quite quaint, if not for the rain.

Otherwise, I've got more recruitment agency meetings this week and am hoping they get me something soon! Ive also applied for a few jobs online, but the main problem is that my visa restricts me from taking permanent work. So its contract or temp work for me, which isn't the easiest to find.


Anonymous said...

Classic photo, I hope you didn't ask a passer-by to take it -they could run off with your only posession and that would really suck!

Anonymous said...

Really like your photo!