Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Longer Homeless

I found a flat!

After 2 weeks of searching, I've finally got my own room in a 4 bedroom Coronation-street style townhouse. Im sharing with 3 guys and living walking distance to the city. Its a nice house, with a backyard and BBQ (perfect for those freezing Irish summer nights)

Actually, it has warmed up a bit and Im heading to the coast for a picnic lunch today, which is a short bus trip from Dublin city centre. Im looking forward to seeing the sea again- it's been awhile.

My job search is proving a little bit more difficult- I have signed up to several temp agencies and am awaiting their calls . Im hoping to find some sort of contract admin/reception job, which sure beats trying to sell things to people on the street, which Ill resort to if I dont find a job soon.

I had a crazy coincidence a couple of days ago. In Mexico City, I met a really nice Australian couple at my hostel.I got their email address but hadn't heard from them in awhile. Anyway, I was walking out of my hostel in Dublin when I saw two familiar Australian faces... they have turned up to work here for a couple of months before going onto the rest of their world trip! It was great to see them, and Im sure we will see a lot more of eachother here.

Its a long weekend here, so I'm sure the city is going to be crazy with revellers.

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