Monday, April 28, 2008

Youre Not in Guatemala Anymore, Dr. Ropata! - Puerto Escondido, Mexico

It´s my second day in Puerto Escondido, a beach town on the Oaxaca (Pacific) coast- the last beach I will see for awhile. The main beach is apparently the 3rd most dangerous in the world, and unswimmable. I have never seen such enormous waves, it´s quite impressive. The beaches are quite similar to East Coast NZ beaches, only much warmer and lined with restaurants and bars.
I have had a great time so far, and a staying at one of the more eccentric hostels of my trip. Last night a group of us bought fresh fish and salad and cooked up a feast on the hostel BBQ.
I have also managed to try a Oaxacan speciality, Mezcal. Not at all like tequila, it tastes like a combination of dirt and cleaning fluid... quite horrific. I am looking forward to the market in Oaxaca, which is infamous for its fried grasshopper snacks.
Tommorrow I leave for Oaxaca City, and then onto Mexico City.
Once I find a fast internet connection I will post more photos.

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