Monday, April 28, 2008

Oaxaca City & Mexico City

My culinary tour of Oaxaca City ended yesterday, after managing to chow down some chili grasshoppers, Mole sauce, the famous Oaxacan hot chocolate and tortilla soup (made with tomato, cheese, avocado and tortilla chips. My friend Sam and I even made a video of the experience, which I will post in due course...

Oaxaca City was yet another beautiful Mexican city, littered with historic buildings, art galleries and stunning orange jacaranda trees. Like San Cristobal, it has a substantial alternative scene, with many interesting cafes, restaurants and bars.

After a grueling 9 hour bus journey from Oaxaca through the desert with no air conditioning or openable windows I arrived in Mexico City last night. At one point it was 35 degrees inside the bus! Luckily Mexico City was well worth the journey- it has exceeded my expectations, and I only wish I had more time here to see the endless and incredible sights. Its a surprisingly calm and cultured city, and very safe and manageable compared to many cities I have visited. Not at all the crazed and dangerous city as its depicted, with mustached kidnappers lurking behind every corner.

Today I visited the Palace and the museums of Modern Art and Anthropology. Both museums were some of the best I have ever seen, and the Diego Rivera murals depicting Mexican history in the Palace were incredible.

Tomorrow I will try to visit Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera´s old home, as well as the home of their dear friend Trotsky. I think you could spend months here at not see it all, but I will try to fit in as much as possible before going onto Guanajato.
Hasta luego

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