Monday, April 28, 2008

San Miguel de Allende

Buenas tardes!
Like most places I have visited, I have stayed in San Miguel longer than intended. From the moment I saw the hotel Im staying in, I decided it merited a longer visit. I have a 2 bedroom apartment with private bathroom, fridge, huge balcony and rooftop access, all for $15! After almost 3 months of dorm rooms its a welcome break.
I spent most of the day getting lost around the town (fortunately its a perfect town to be lost in). The city is a strange mix of old and new, with sombrero-wearing expat gringos amongst the good old fashioned swinging-doored cantinas (saloons) frequented by cowboy hat wearing old Mexican men. The city has become a favourite for American retirees (and those sick of hectic western lifestyles). I have to say the city has a certain addictive quality, with all the great things about Mexico combined with the comforts of modern life. The city is packed with art galleries, artesan shops and delicatessans, but luckily still maintains fabulous markets with comedors (very cheap local eateries).
More photos here
Tommorrow I leave for Guadalajara and the famed town of Tequila.
Hasta luego

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