Monday, April 28, 2008


I arrived in San Miguel de Allende this afternoon after two great days in Guanjuato.
Guanajuato is a university town, famed for its cobbled streets, colourful houses and variety of plazas. I was lucky enough to stay with some Spanish and Mexican students there- friends of a Spaniard I met in Puerto Escondido. They were incredibly welcoming and helped to give me a local insight into the city.
I visited the Mummy Museum yesterday, which was a cool (but spooky) experience. Due to the mineral content of the soil and the extremely dry climate, bodies are naturally mummified in Guanajuato´s cemetaries. The museum houses incredibly well preserved bodies (most with their hair still intact) from over a century ago. It also has the world´s smallest mummy, a pregnant mummy, and mummys who were buried alive. Although somewhat grim, it really is a testament to the Mexican celebration of death. When children die in Mexico, it is the biggest celebration of all, with much music etc. to try to make the experience less terrible.
The best thing about Guanajuato though is just walking the streets and seeing the food stalls, shops and jacarandas. It has a unique vibrancy too, thanks to the huge student population and many foreigners which live there.
Another city which needs a return visit!
Hasta luego

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