Friday, May 09, 2008


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My decision to go to Prague was quite last minute. I had heard a lot of great things about the historic city, and its only 2 hours from Dresden so I thought I would pop across for a couple of nights.

Upsides: Prague really is a beautiful city, split by a river and full of castles, museums and, of course, very old buildings. It managed to escape destruction during WWII, so most of the city is still intact. And, of course, the Czech beer, home of the Pilzner and creators of the original Budweiser.

Downsides: Its expensive. Very expensive. You get charged for everything, even to use the bathroom at expensive restaurants.
Also the Czechs I met there were, on the whole, the most incredibly rude people I have ever met, especially when you are their customer, e.g. slamming your food/drinks down at restaurants, grunting at you when you ask a question about taking a tour, etc. It was quite baffling.

I did manage to see quite a bit of the city while I was there though, including Prague Castle (the oldest castle in the world) Vysehrad Castle, the Old Town, Charles Bridge, and a weird television tower with babies climbing up it, all of which were quite amazing.

I am in Berlin now where Im spending the next couple of nights, and then onto Hamburg.

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