Monday, April 28, 2008


True to German style, my time here has been action packed and really great so far.
Gerhart and Annie took me to the Stuttgart Art Museum yesterday, which was great, and we walked around the city. Its a really beautiful part of South Germany- many of the buildings have survived the War or have been reconstructured very well. They took me to a typical German market, which I have to say was a lot more civil than the Mexican ones (compare giant cheeses and olive sculptures with whole cows and pig heads sitting before you).
Today we visited the Mercedes Benz Museum, an amazing documentation of the history of the automobile, which was actually invented by Mr Benz of Stuttgart. The museum is an architectual feat in itself, and its really worth seeing.
After the museum it was of course neccesary to refresh with a real German beer. Luckily I made it to Stuttgart in time for the bi-annual Beerfest, a huge festival with copious amounts of food, rides and, of course, beer by the litre. I even managed to see genuine Lederhousen on sale.

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